Wine a lot??

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Special Occasion- Dinner Plate Entree Eggplant Rollatini

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The amazing Carieras Grilled Chicken Ziti

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Fried Calamari at Carieras in Lake Nona

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Carieras Sesame Tuna

Carieras Sesame Tuna is a local favorite.  Try this with a Wine from our amazing Wine list. … [Read More]


About Carieras

Walk into Cariera’s Lake Nona, and you’ll immediately feel like part of the family. The dinning room creates a quaint, yet comfortable atmosphere for any occasion. Hundreds of pictures of restaurant regulars adorn the walls at the Dr. Phillips location, making each patron feel well… more like a celebrity. In Lake Nona, Cariera’s has a sportier feel, complete with golf memorabilia and autographed pictures of the game’s biggest stars. If sitting at the bar or in the lounge is more your style, plan on being treated with true Italian hospitality. The full service bar features a variety of specialty liqueurs, ports, cognacs and an extensive wine list. Can’t decide? Have one of our cosmopolitans or a raspberry martini.

Once comfortably seated, its your mind that must do the decision making. For starters, Cariera’s menu is loaded with different appetizers to choose from including Asiago Stuffed Shrimp, Fried Calamari, and Mussels Arrabiata. The menu also includes a variety of specialty Entrees such as Grilled Chicken Penne, Ravioli Di Mia Madre, and Chicken Cariera’s. Last but certainly not least, Cariera’s is known for a few delicious handmade desserts  including Creme Brulee, Cannolis and Tiramisu.

Cariera’s is a great place to grab a beverage, a bite to eat, and watch “the game.” If you’re feeling like some fresh air, step outside onto the patio. Seating is limited, but the Cariera’s staff will make extra room just for you. And best of all, the patios are covered, so you can still dine outside during one of Central Florida’s famous summer showers. Life gets so hectic sometimes that many of us are unable to dine out, but rest assured, Cariera’s has take-out so that you can bring some of your favorite dishes home.

The Cariera family has worked hard to combine a sense of family with great food and service. Customers will tell you that, “You walk into Cariera’s as a guest and you leave feeling part of the family.”

For the past three years, Cariera’s Cucina Italiana has earned the honor of being classified as The Southwest Bulletin’s number one family restaurant.